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If this is LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY, dial 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

Prescriptions & Refills

Please call your pharmacy for any prescription refill requests.

In an effort to provide our patients with the safest, most efficient service possible, we are no longer accepting prescription refill requests by phone.

Before you run out of your medication, please call your pharmacy to request a refill. Your pharmacy will then fax us a request with your medication name and dosage. Your provider will then review the request; a response will be faxed back to the pharmacy.

Therefore, it may take 24 to 48 hours for your prescription to be ready. It is wise to notify the pharmacy well before you are out of your medication! Please contact your pharmacy and they will notify us of electronically.

Refills are subject to approval by the Physician or the Nurse Practicioner (ARNP).

If any of your information has changed since the last visit, please fill out the Patient Update Form

If you are a patient who is suffering from pain, please let us know immediately.

If you have any symptoms (shortness of breath; dizziness/fainting; pain/numbness in your legs,arms,hands,feet; chest pains; vertigo or balance issues, etc.) please let us know immediately.

Please fax the form(s) to 407-774-7743, you can email it to us docmacool@aol.com, or you may bring it in the day of your appointment.

For more urgent matters, please call our office at 407-774-7781 or email jhmkmacoolcs@live.com. We check the docmacool@aol.com email address every few days.