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Meet our Medical and Office Staff

Our medical staff includes the following Physician, PA / Physician Assistant, MAs (Medical Assistants) and staff: 

Meet Doctor Macool

James J. Macool, M.D., P.A
Board-Certified Family Practitioner

For e-mail docmacool@aol.com 

Mauricio Mejia, P.A-C
Board Certified PA / Physician Assistant

For e-mail docmacool@aol.com

James J. Macool, M.D., P.A
Office Manager - temporary

For e-mail docmacool@aol.com or call at ext. 204

Meet Doctor Macool

Liz Colon
Referral / Authorization Coordinator

For e-mail docmacool@aol.com

Jesslain Cruz, M.A.
Head Medical Assistant

Jeanette Davila
Billing & Coding

Hecmary Camacho
Front Desk Receptionist

Hector Santiago
M.A. / Checkout Receptionist