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What's up, my name is Hanna, but I am commonly called John by my friends and family, as Hanna means John in Italian /Arabic. I am currently taking my Bachelor Science in IT specifically, Computer Information Security. I am 34 years of age, and have been born and raised in Orange County, Florida, which is in the Orlando area.

I have grown up with computers, as my first experience with computers was when I was 12 years old and my father brought me an Apple II +. Soon, I was reading all the books and manuals that came with the Apple II +, including the software and programs' manuals. I first started out messing around with Apple II + and programming my own BASIC programs, with my "specialty" of Role-Playing Games. However all the RPG's I programmed were command line based with no graphics!

Biz card - Back

I soon "graduated" to actually working inside the computer with the boards and motherboard, and started logging into CompuServe, bulletin boards (BBS's), and AOL. This was the era of hacking , "cracking", phone phreakers, and Kevin Mitnick.

This is about the time I started messing around with the cards and learning how to put together the circuit boards and cards so that I could jimmy up the external modems to work with the computer. There was no Windows in those days and you had to load all the programs from the command line and sometimes, you had to battle with the programs, as a world very poorly written. Even when you actually loaded it, the graphics were only about 4 to 16 colors (CGA and EGA, respectively)!

As time went on, and my experience with computers and the primitive online world grew, I started messing with strictly "IBM compatible" computers, while all my other friends had Mac's. Eventually, I got a job as a Tech at decent sized computer firm into Winter Park, Florida area and I really started to learn how to build computers and troubleshoot them. After some months in this area, I got some very basic introductory experience with Novell networks as, back in those days (mid to late 1990s), Novell networks had a good pie slice of the networking share in the world's computers.

In late 1998 and 1999, I went to work as a CSR (Customer Service Representative) at Gateway computers in the Orlando area. Although I got some experience from doing technical support and troubleshooting the customers' Gateway computers, it was not as much as I would've liked. However, they did pay for me to take and pass the A+ test from CompTIA, and this was my first certification.

Since then, I have gotten my AS degree in Computer Information Management, and been gaining experience with networking and also in the medical field, as it relates to computers.

I have my A+ Healthcare certificate, which is perfect for anybody who knows computers, as an IT consultant, and wants to join in the medical field, like me. It successfully integrates computers with the medical field, and you learn about HIPAA controls and compliance, medical terminology, along with the specialized medical equipment and securing the patients' PHI (Personal Health Information). I also have my Network+ certification.

On March 16th, 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor's Science degree in Computer Information Security. About 14 months ago, I passed the CompTIA Security+ certification and am currently training for the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

In my horizons, I will be a successful Network Analyst that deals with Network Security and also EHR/EMR Consulting.

Check out http://www.macoolitconsulting.com/