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Meet Dr. James J Macool, M.D., P.A

Doctor Macool

Dr. Macool graduated from State University of New York At Buffalo and has completed his residency in Family Practice, General Practice, at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida. He is respected for his expertise and innovation in healthcare delivery and quality of care, and strives to serve patients with the latest procedures and treatments.

Dr. Macool has been board certified in Family Medicine since 1980, has been in private practice since 1980, and is a fellow of American College of Physicians' Specialists.

Doctor Macool is an active leader in the medical field. In addition to Dr. Macool, he also has a ARNP (Nurse Practitioner) and several Medical Assistants.

Dr. Macool and his staff are dedicated to serving patients with the highest quality care in a professional and compassionate manner. We treat patients in all age ranges in providing state-of-the-art care for acute illness and chronic medical problems. He is very knowledgeable about many medical problems, including heart failure, COPD, and other chronic medical problems, and has a staff that is knowledgeable with questions about medications, hospital discharge planning, and health education.

My staff and I look forward to helping your family in a comfortable caring environment.

You can e-mail him at docmacool@aol.com

If for any reason you have concerns about the care provided, we encourage you to discuss this with Dr. Macool or the Office Manager Aquino at 407-774-7781.

You can e-mail her at docmacool@aol.com or call at ext. 204

For more urgent matters, please call our office at 407-774-7781 or email jhmkmacoolcs@live.com. We check the docmacool@aol.com email address every few days.

Choosing a Family Physician

A family physician is a doctor who takes care of your whole family. Family physicians create caring relationships with patients and their families.

They really get to know their patients. They listen to them and help them make the right healthcare decisions.

What Do Family Physicians Do?

Family physicians take care of the physical, mental, and emotional health of their patients and their families. They know how you and your family's health history can affect you and your family. They are trained to care for you through all the stages of your life.

Family physicians are trained in all areas of medicine, and diagnose and treat the full range of problems people bring to their doctors. They know when to treat you, and when to bring in another specialist that you can trust.

I Don't Have Any Health Problems. Do I Need a Family Physician?

Family physicians are specially trained in preventive medicine. They believe that preventing health problem is better than having to overcome one later on.

They help you make the right health choices to keep you and your family healthy.